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Our Vision

We envision a world where every person, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to live a fulfilling and prosperous life. A world where love, compassion, and understanding are the cornerstones of our existence.
Through our tireless efforts, dedication, and unwavering commitment to Living Our Vision Effectively, we strive to make this vision a reality for all.
Join us in the journey towards a brighter, more connected, and love-filled world.
*Together, we can make the L.O.V.E Connection.*
Our Mission
At L.O.V.E Connection Foundation, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals and communities to thrive by Living Our Vision Effectively.

Youth Financial Empowerment Program

Discover Your Purpose Youth Program

Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

Together, we can make the L.O.V.E Connection.

Board of Directors

Juvockia Melvin-Vice President
Melody Parker-Secretary
Juanna Brown-Treasurer
Charise Lesane-Board Member


Te'Aira Melvin

Te’Aira Melvin is the Chief Executive Officer at M&J Financial Management, where her mission is to help clients achieve financial stability. 
Before starting M&J Financial Management, Te’Aira studied at East Carolina University and obtained her BSBA degree in Management Accounting.  She later decided to further her education and attended Webster University where she received her Master’s in Business Administration. 
Te’Aira spent over ten years working in the mental health and accounting industry but always had the desire to help others achieve financial freedom through financial education and planning.  Te’Aira founded L.O.V.E Connection Foundation, Inc. to encourage the youth to live out their vision effectively with proper planning, mentorship, and coaching programs.

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